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Disruptive Media Learning Technologist

My background is in multimedia design and my passions are technology, open education, and the web. I have worked for many years as a web designer, developer, and technology writer for a variety of online resources including the

My current role is Learning Technologist at Coventry University's Disruptive Media Learning Lab (DMLL). I support staff, students, and academics in the use of technologies and platforms to aid learning.

I’m an accomplished martial artist, Japan enthusiast, and chocoholic.

Current Projects

Game Changers
Game Changers

Game Changers is an open online learning programme, giving participants the means to creatively solve problems through game design.

The programme launch in Spring 2016 and will focus on the design and development of games (analogue or digital) for addressing serious issues/challenges/problems.

For more information, visit the official Game Changers site at:

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group_work Open Education
Instant Messaging
for Language Learning
Instant Messaging for Language Learning

Using instant messaging mechanics to disrupt traditional language learning practices.

Our mobile conversations can be almost immeasurable in length. Without thinking about it we invest vast amounts of time communicating by splitting the process up into many smaller, more manageable chunks. Just imagine what we could achieve by applying that same principle to language learning.

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group_work Open Education

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