2 May 2013

SoundCloud and its place on the web:
An interview with founder and CEO Alexander Ljung

I was recently fortunate enough to get the chance to sit down with Alexander Ljung, founder and CEO of SoundCloud. For those of you not familiar, SoundCloud is the web’s largest online audio distribution platform with over 30 million registered users, hosting content that reaches more than 180 million people per month. To put that figure into perspective, that’s 8% of the entire internet population, and those users collectively record and upload more than ten hours of sounds every minute.

Over the past few years the company has grown from a small Berlin-based startup into one of the world’s leading online audio distribution platforms with a truly global footprint.

20 March 2013

Gadget Theft: We need to protect our data like we protect our cash

When I checked Google+ this morning, whilst enjoying a morning cup of tea and some toast, I was equal parts shocked, frustrated and fascinated by +Mike Elgan's account of having his iPhone pick-pocketed whilst he was out celebrating Las Fallas in Valencia yesterday evening.

19 March 2013

How SoundCloud is set revolutionise podcasting

SoundCloud have recently restructured their price plans in a big way. This kind of news might not sound that exciting to most people, but the changes unlock SoundCloud's potential to revolutionise podcasting and online audio publishing forever.

1 March 2013

Welcome to my new site!

Ok, so I've just created this new blog, which I'll be posting editorials, blogs and other results from my adventures in technology journalism. As you can see, it's a little bare at the moment, because I've only just moved in!